Clinical Consultation Days with Laura

This page is full of information regarding consultation and treatment with Laura Clarke Stelmok. Laura will be primarily overseeing treatment on scheduled Clinical Consultation Days. These teaching clinics will meet several times each year in Rockland. These Consultation Days will provide the opportunity for depth-level, constitutional diagnosis and treatment so that on-going treatment can root, reaching the depth of the request of each patient.  Particular focus will be on working with the laws of nature, movement of the seasons and the deep alchemical roots of Taoist Medicine able to reach to the light of the human spirit.  Patients will arrive with their practitioners or by referral from friends of Stillpoint. Laura will be working closely with your practitioner to direct treatment to the depths.  At the recommendation of your practitioner, you will be scheduled either for a 1 1/2 hour Consultation/Treatment, a 1/2 hour “Check”, or a “Long Treatment.”

Types of Treatment * Services Rendered

This is a Teaching Clinic.  There will almost always be 3-7 practitioners in training present for each consultation/treatment.  The highest ethical standards are expected of any practitioner present.  5 Element Acupuncture is a living tradition of medicine.  It has from the beginning been an oral tradition. Physicians are made through the hands of their teachers.  It is to a patient’s benefit to be in the presence of this ancient art of teaching.

During days of clinical observation the primary focus of all practitioners remains on the care of the patient.  Confidentiality of the patient is of utmost importance. Observation is a formal discipline that opens the senses and engages ‘The Art of the Heart’.

     * 1 1/2 hour Consultation/Treatment

Your consultation/treatment will last between 1 1/2-2 hours long.  Laura will work with you and your practitioner to ascertain the work of the day and the direction you would like treatment to take.  This will include medical history and conversation to focus the work.  Deep constitutional work is the goal, to fine-tune diagnosis and deepen the treatment relationship between you and your practitioner.  Besides the scheduled treatment, your practitioner will receive 3-5 additional “future treatments” to follow up the work. In a certain sense you receive a minimum of 4 treatments for this consultation. Occasionally if Laura has not seen you before, she will find in the diagnostic and treatment process that deeper work may be required to reach the level of the presenting distress.  If this is the case she will speak directly to you about her recommendations.

     * 1/2 hour “Check”

The “1/2 hour Check” was created specifically when the practitioner believes there is a major obstruction to treatment and seeks Laura’s diagnostic skills and recommendations for treatment.  This is both to reach the root of treatment as well as to save patients money for treatment that is not reaching the cause. This check is not for constitutional diagnosis or for treatment.

     * When a Long Treatment is Needed

The aim of this treatment is to cultivate the majesty of the Gift of Life. It is the purpose at the heart of most Ancient Medicine. In Chinese Medicine this mystery is entered by working directly with the Essences and Spirits.  These ancient protocols, also known as ‘Songs of Creation’ arrive to reestablish your fundamental vitality and remove any obstruction responsible for major struggles in your life. The treatment can take anywhere from 4-8 hours (or occasionally longer). There are often 3-10 practitioners, occasionally more, present at your treatment. All practitioners present are professionals, in training with Laura. These ancient protocols take many years to learn. For guidelines and an introduction for your long treatment, please click here.


22 Pleasant St. * Rockland * Maine * 207.594.9211

Time and Dates

For Practitioners: Clinical Days will begin at 8:00AM and will end at 8:00PM
A tutorial will follow the last patient at the end of the day from 6:30-8:00.
On occasion, when necessary, there will be longer late treatments, utilizing the alchemical protocols/Songs, scheduled from consultations throughout the day.
We ask that all practitioners arrive promptly at 8:00AM so that there is time to have a brief introduction to the work and sign the Confidentiality Agreement.

For Patients: Your practitioner is responsible to communicate with you about the exact time for your arrival. Patients should arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before their scheduled appointment. Please be on time. These longer consultations work with the deep movement of the spirits and the movement of the seasons.  Occasionally a treatment will run a little overtime.  We will do our very best to work with both treatment rooms to begin on time for each consultation. If because of emergency, we are running more than 15 minutes behind schedule your practitioner will contact you about a later arrival.

Clinical Consult Dates @ Stillpoint: 2017
March 1-5
May 24-28
November 16-20

Treatment Fees

Fees for treatment are to paid by the patient in full after the treatment.  They can be paid by cash or check (payable to The Unseen Hand) or on-line: CLICK HERE

We have a 48 hour cancellation policy. Except in cases of emergency, fees will be charged for missed appointments.

Practitioners are responsible for treatment fees from their patients if there is a no show or a patient fails to cancel within 48 hours. We will do our best to assist in filling the empty space.

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