Zac Levine

Zac Levine grew up in Maine, where the procession of the seasons forged in him a deep reverence and connection to the mid-coast.

Zac returned home in 2006 from Washington state after graduating from Evergreen College with a B.A. In World Systems Theory. Needing to be rooted in something more tangible than theory, Zac began to work with the seasons, farming, fishing, and logging. He found that the change he was looking for needed to start with the individual. It was this shift in perception that inspired him to enroll in a masters degree program for Five Element acupuncture, a medicine that reaches the root of the individual.

Zac has studied with Laura Stelmok for the last six years, an initiation into the bedrock of the Five Element tradition.

Zac works at Central Maine Medical Center treating patients with cancer. He is thrilled to be practicing at Stillpoint, the root of his practice and his home where he lives with his wife Emily.

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